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woven sleeves в Галаце

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0.10 $/шт FCA
We are "Turkmen chyragy" İE in Turkmenistan. Our main products include PP woven bags, PP big bags, PP fabric, PP multifilament yarns which are widely exported to Asia and European markets. They are widely used in packaging purposes in the textile and agriculture sector, greenhouse, warehouse and so
14 авг 2023
PE bags, woven sleeves, multi-filament yarn
Оптовая цена
от 0.08 $/шт FCA
Hello! We offer you polyethylene bags for packaging . Size: 55x105 sm 75/80 gr Price: 0,08 $ Also have PE woven sleeves and multi-filament yarn. If you interested, you can write us
28 окт 2019
Polyethylene fabric (sleeves).
1 350 $/т
High quality and durable product, polyethylene fabric (sleeves). The product can be used as a raw material for other polyethylene products. The product is certified. The offered products are fully consistent with high international quality. The length, width and color of the product can be weaved
3 апр 2023
Polyethylene fabric (sleeves).
Polyethylene fabric (sleeves). - фото 1
Polyethylene fabric (sleeves). - фото 2
Polyethylene fabric (sleeves). - фото 3
1 500 $/т
High quality and durable product, polyethylene fabric (sleeves). The product can be used as a raw material for other polypropylen products. Color can be changed on request. Product has 2 types. First type width from 55+1 sm, length 1500±20 metr, weight one roll 150±20 kg. Second type width 90
1 июн 2022
Control valve with 8 pressure regulator
1 $/шт EXW
Application Designed to stabilize and reduce pressure in the water supply network, thereby protecting pipeline and equipment connected to it from high pressure. Operating principle Closed upward flow of water presses on the outer chamber of the hose, brings the hose into hydraulic balance and
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