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Diesel EN 590

Diesel EN 590
Diesel EN 590 - фото 1
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Бухарест, RO
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Zagidullin Timur
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Hello, I am a representative of Northway Capital.
Northway Capital sells petroleum products and fertilizers. When you work with our company you get:
The lowest price on the market, as we work directly with producing companies, resource holders and oil refineries.
Guarantee of security of the transaction.
The absence of exorbitant commissions to many intermediaries.

On sale aviation kerosene Diesel EN 590
Minimum delivery quantity 50 000 tons/month
Price: Diesel EN 590 - Platts discount
Euro 5 diesel, seasonally produced. Made by the largest federal oil refineries in the Russian Federation.
Delivery of diesel fuel EN 590 for export, made in a minimum volume of 50 000 metric tons, with the conclusion of the annual contract.
Diesel fuel meets GOST 32511-2013 and the European standard EN 590.
The price for EN 590, delivery procedure, bases are discussed with the buyer of the resource or his authorized representative.
Guarantee of performance Bond 2%.

Diesel fuel: Euro 5, EN 590
STATE STANDARD: 32511-2013
Ecological Class: K 5
Name: DT-L-K5
Supply volume per month: 50 000 MT
The possibility of increasing the volume: YES
Price: Platts discount
Density at 15 C: 0.840
Kinematic viscosity at 50 C: 2.748
Ash content no more than %: None
Mass fraction of sulfur: 5 mg/kg
Hydrogen sulfide content: None
Color: light yellow
Mass fraction of impurities: None
Mass fraction of water: None
Flash point in closed crucible: 62°С
Cetane number: 51,7
Cetane Index: 50,6

PRACTICE (may vary from product to product)
The buyer gives the LOI
Seller gives the FCO
The buyer raises an ICPO or BCL
Seller issues SPA Buyer signs and returns signed SPA
Buyer provides (POF) within 3 days, based on which Seller provides POP (Video with Buyer's name and date, distribution of material by past performance) 2 days after receipt of POF.
-Optionally, Seller sends invitation to buyer to visit company within TTM
Seller issues a proforma invoice
Buyer must issue a letter of credit in SIGHT for 100% of the value of the pro forma invoice of the quantity of goods fit for use within one month, in accordance with Seller's approved verbalization within 7 business days.
Seller provides PB: 2% within 2 days of receipt of letter of credit.
Seller initiates shipment of material in accordance with agreed schedule.
Material reaches the port of destination in 25-30 days after checking quality, quantity and SGS documents Buyer makes payment via MT103 method.
Within 3 working days of the international bank after loading the ship, the seller must send the buyer and the agent by fax, e-mail the shipping voucher.
The documents include:
1) The contract code and a copy of the commercial invoice;
2) A copy of the quantity and quality inspection report issued by SGS in the port of Oman, together with the packing list.
3) The ship's name, IMO number, call sign, port and date of shipment;
4) Packing List.
5) Anticipated date of arrival;
Within 3 banking days after the arrival of the vessel at the port of discharge, after providing the above documents via bank/fax/email, the Buyer shall make payment to the Seller by TT/MT103 after receiving the invoice and shipping documents as agreed and confirming the questions and answers by SGS/CIQ.

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Zagidullin Timur  Бухарест, RO
на Флагма с 3 февраля 2023

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