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Charcoal briquettes, Brichete de cărbune
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Charcoal briquettes, Brichete de cărbune

870 /тонна
Условия поставки: DAP любой город Румынии
Ангелопол Анастасия Александровна
,  Ярославль, RU
на Флагма с 20 июня 2012


Briquettes for grilling are an environmentally friendly solid fuel made from charcoal by pressing. They have a high heat transfer, do not emit carcinogenic substances, do not give a side smell and taste. The main advantage of briquettes is the burning length, which exceeds this indicator for charcoal by 3 times. 1 kg of briquettes replaces 3 kg of charcoal. Briquettes burn without flame, smoke and soot.
Low ash content. They have the shape of an oval cylinder, the size is 50x50x35, smooth. They do not break or crumble during transportation, do not dust. Product composition: fine fractions of charcoal of category A grade 1.

Номер объявления: 1675384
,  Ярославль, RU
на Флагма с 20 июня 2012

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