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Job renewed 21 October 2021

Logistic warehouses of branded clothing in București

Free accommodation, meals, travel, medical insurance, full time
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Job description

For citizens of Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, Nepal and other countries.

Work, work visa and residence permit in Romania

  1. Deadline for issuing a set of documents for obtaining a work visa:
  2. 1-1,5 month (from the date of advance payment).
  3. Work visa validity:
  4. 3 months (90/90) + obtaining an Id-card of a temporary residence permit (issued after 1-2 months of work).
  5. Registration price: 2000 euro - for foreigners of any country of residence!
  6. Required for work: men and women, couples under the age of 50.
  7. Place of work: Logistic warehouses of branded clothing (RESERVED, CROPP, HOUSE, MOHITO, SINSAY).
  8. Bucharest, Romania.
  9. Accommodation for employees is free, in apartments with all conveniences: from 2 to 4 people per room.
  10. Couples are provided with a separate room!
  11. Travel to and from work is free (by service bus).
  12. Schedule of work: 6 days a week, 8-11 hours a day, additional work is possible (optional), paid separately.
  13. Working hours (on average) 160-280 hours per month.
  14. Labor remuneration (average monthly wages) 800-1000 euro.
  15. Advances are issued after 2 weeks worked.
  16. Working conditions and responsibilities:
  • Working with new clothes: collecting and completing orders on invoices;
  • Operating the terminal (scanner);
  • Working on the move, "on your feet";
  • Work experience is not required (training is free);
  • A close-knit friendly team. People have been working for years;
  • Respectful attitude and timely payment of labor;
  • Minimum level of knowledge of languages ​​(optional): English, Romanian, Russian;
  • Absolutely legal employment with payment of all taxes;
  • Uniform provided;
  • Medical care and insurance are paid by the company!

* A prerequisite: have a desire to work and earn!

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